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I'm a software developer, musician, woodworker, with an older home to maintain. And I have some hobbies, too. :-) I've had the reputation of being organized and highly productive for years, but I always felt things were falling through the cracks. I discovered GTD via the internet blog world in December 2005, and took to it like a duck to water. As many people (especially computer geek types) are wont to do, I spent a lot of time fiddling with my implementation, trying various software tools and ways of doing things, trying to get the system automated. Then I thought about what is really important to me, and redesigned my implementation. As I write in September 2006, this implementation has been stable for 6 months, with very little change.


My Implementation Criteria


  1. Completely Portable: although I spend a lot of time in front of a computer, the times when I'm not are the ones when I'm most vulnerable to missing things. Any system I use must be completely portable, even while taking trees down in the woods, for example.
  2. Alarmed: I need the system to be able to set off some kind of alarm when appropriate. I can easily get so thoroughly involved in doing something I forget to eat, much less look at the time and realize I should have been somewhere.
  3. Electronic: my handwriting is not good, and I type enormously faster than I can write with pen and paper. Writing by hand is very frustrating to me -- any system I use has to have a keyboard interface available.
  4. Simple: I don't want to have to think about how to use the system, I want to just use it.
  5. And a secondary consideration, should be able to link with Microsoft Outlook at work, so I can keep a single integrated system for work and personal life. My implementation does, although I'm not going to talk about the Outlook side of things here.




Most of my collection happens in the Palm "To Do" application, either on the Palm or in Palm Desktop. As it happens, the Palm Graffiti compensates for my bad handwriting, and I can enter text pretty quickly with it. Especially if I don't worry too much about a few typos here and there, since I know I'm going to process at the keyboard soon enough. I do take paper notepads to meetings, and will make notes on whatever paper is convenient and toss into my inbox, too.













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