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What's Vanilla Palm? That's a GTD implementation that relies on the native, or "plain vanilla" Palm device applications: Calendar, Contacts, To Do list, and Memo pad. It may rely entirely on a handheld device, but more likely links to something on a larger machine, such as the Palm Desktop or Microsoft Outlook.


There's more than one way to do it, of course. Add your implementation below.


Implementation Format


  • Introduction: tell us a little about yourself and how you use GTD.
  • Collect: what do you use for collection? The Palm or something else?
  • Process: what is the workflow you use to process your collected stuff? How do you turn thoughts into Projects and/or Next Actions?
  • Organize: what have you got where on your Palm for GTD purposes? How do you use the Palm's categories? What reference material do you keep on the Palm?
  • Review: do you do a daily review? Weekly? On the Palm, or using a desktop application that synchronizes with the Palm? What's your process?
  • Do: what does your workflow look like when you're in the heat of actually doing things?
  • Other: anything else to comment on about how you use your Palm's native applications to Get Things Done?


You can copy the VanillaPalmTemplate to start your page by

  1. open the VanillaPalmTemplate in a new window
  2. take the link at the bottom to view page source
  3. copy the page source, then close that browser window
  4. edit this page, and add a link to your implementation page
  5. save the edit, take the link to your new page, and paste the template.


Implementation Details


Add yours to the list!





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