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Organizing - Phase III

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Planning and Maintaining



Now that you have created your system - it is time to use it to do some planning.  This planning process is the same as "The Review" process.  There for go to this page for insights on planning.




There are also some things to keep in mind to maintain the organization and integrity of your system.


The 10,000 Foot View

It is very powerful to be able to look at your entire system at a high level.  Think of it as having a "Dash Board." for your life and work.  Ideally this "Dash Board" will contain a high level view of:

  • Your vision and goals for each area of your life
  • A listing of your key projects
  • A listing of all "next actions" for each project


Again, there are many software solutions that help you with this and you can also create a simple "Dash Board" in a document on your computer that can be regularly updated and posted in plain view.


Contiencious Collecting

Whether you are using a notebook, journal, or some sort of PDA to collect new projects, tasks, reminders - make sure you are using your system.  When you are at meetings - make notes.  When you get back to the office or with the support of your assistant immediately integrate those notes into your system.  When ever you think of something you need to do - write it down or record it!


Continual Processing:

In short, keep your inboxes empty!  At the very least - on a weekly basis (if not a daily basis) - clear out your inboxes by:

  • Filing them into your system [e.g. into the appropriate folder (specific project, waiting for, next actions, etc.)]
  • Trashing them (again, do you need this really?)
  • Delegating them (with appropriate "Waiting For" items created)
  • Putting them into your "some day maybe system."


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