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The focus on this stage is to bring everything together and to start building your "leak proof" system.  There are really three steps to organizing:

  1. Creating a structure to organize into (phase I) that is unique to your work and life.
  2. Creating your GTD system -  Follow this link to see the various tools that you can use as vehicles to organize based on your personal preferences (e.g. planner, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Daylite, etc.)[1]
  3. Organizing Phase III (Planning)  Once you have organized yourself - you are ready to engage in the planning process.  The focus from here is to act consistent with what is most important to you and your work, to continue to strengthen your system, and to maintain your system through regular "Weekly Reviews."


We have created links above that take you to pages that provide step by step instructions for each phase.



  1. Please note, it is recommended to keep your organizational system as simple as possible. The goal is to create a system you can trust that contains everything and makes it easier to accomplish what is most important to you. Many people get enamored with all the technology out there that supports GTD. Your system will strengthen over time yet in the very beginning it is recommended that you implement this system one step at a time and to use the minimal tools you can.

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