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Mind Sweep Categories

Page history last edited by David Utts 13 years, 10 months ago


Below are a list of key categories that can help trigger your initial "Mind Sweep."  Most of the major categories are here so that the list can spark your unique sub-bullets.


  • Health and Vitality
    • Fitness Goals
    • Health Monitoring and Maintenance


  • Significant Other
    • Goals
    • Agenda or Topics of Conversation
    • Maintaining Connection


  • Family
    • Goals
    • Activities
    • Vacations


  • Finances
    • Goals
    • Administration (Bank Balance, Bills, etc.)
    • Investments


  • Work
    • Personal Vision, Purpose and Goals
    • Client Deliverables
    • Business Development
    • Strategic Development and Engagement
    • Coporate, Divisional and/or Special Organizational Projects
    • Administrative
    • Financial
    • Task Forces
    • Key Relationships (Every key relationship can be thought of as a “project” or an agenda List you have with your boss, assistant key direct reports, etc.)
    • Team Development
    • Direct report coaching and development


  • Home
    • Goals
    • House Projects
    • Chores


  • Leisure - Friends
    • Vacations
    • Hobbies
    • Friends


  • Community Involvement
    • Charities
    • Service positions
    • Community projects


  • Spiritual
    • Goals
    • Involvement
    • Personal practics


  • Ohers?


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