The Mac was built for Getting Things Done.  Below are the most popular programs that run on a Mac.  Most already sync with the Iphone or will soon do so.  The following Mac Software programs are rated among the best.







Support Applications:


EverNote by Evernote Corporation is a powerful Inbox.  It allows you to make text, audio and picture notes on your desktop and via your Iphone or Windows Mobile device.  It is the best mobile capturing tool out there.


Mailtags allows you to tag e-mails, assign them to projects and create tasks and calendar events right from Apple Mail.  One application is for those e-mails that come in that require action or are "waiting for" items.  For example, you can create a tag called "waiting for" along with a smart folder called "waiting for" - as soon as you add the tag to the e-mail it will be moved automatically to the "waiting for" folder.  A great tool for supporting GTD!


You want to do more research?  Follow this link for a plethora of GTD apps for Macs and PCs.

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